Our system

As we know from our experience, no artificial system could possibly take over all of a person’s daily duties, chiefly because it is not flexible enough to achieve that. Nevertheless, such a system can highly improve the comfort and safety, in everyday life, of the elderly, chronically ill or disabled. With that in mind, we use an innovative, complex ICT application that manages our caregivers’ work, but also monitors our patients’ life functions. This system thus allows us to improve the quality of our services and enables a quick reaction in situations where the health condition of a senior or ill person suddenly decreases.

Thanks to special sensors linked to the application, our system is able to monitor parameters, such as blood pressure, ECG or blood sugar; this data is sent to the caregiver on a regular basis, so that s/he can monitor their accuracy and is able to react accordingly, if such a need arises. Moreover, the central system automatically collects and processes all data, which results in corresponding analysis. The results can be sent to the patient's family, practitioner or emergency ambulance, ensuring immediate assistance in case of an emergency.

A simplified diagram of part of the the system responsible for patient supervision:



  1. With the use of special sensors, our caregiver regularly collects a patient's health related data.
  2. The collected data is then wirelessly sent to the application, which is a part of our system.
  3. Our central system receives the patient’s data from the application and processes and manages it
  4. Analysis results are sent back to the caregiver.
  5. Based on this data, our caregivers conduct regular consultations with their patients in order to improve their life and health conditions.
  6. If there is such a need or on customer's demand, relevant data is transferred to third persons, e.g. family, practitioner or emergency ambulance.


The flow of information between the central system and the caregiver:>



  1. The system verifies the tasks assigned to each patient.
  2. The completion of each action equals the sending of a relevant notification.
  3. Our internal quality audit ensures that our services remain at a consistently high level.
  4. A complex report procedure enables the monitoring of a caregiver’s actions at any point in time.
  5. The priority list built in our system allows the division of tasks based on immediacy- which of them have to be performed in the first place, and which can be completed later.
  6. A patient's and his or her family's personal data is processed using the highest security standard. Internet connection is coded in accordance with SSL certificates. Databases are register


Further system features:


  • The ability to monitor a caregiver’s working time, including the time they arrive and leave with accuracy to one second,
  • A modular system structure enables constant updates and improvements to the current version. Additionally, each module, except the central one, can be turned on or off according to a customer's preferences,
  • The ability to adjust the current modules or to create a new one when a client so requires
  • The ability to to fill out surveys built in the system,
  • The ability to add attachments to a patient's account, such as medical certificates, hospital discharges or other attestations,
  • The system also allows for the tracking of our employees’ location.

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