Hourly care

We offer hourly services, aimed at elderly or chronically ill patients, who do not require constant assistance. This type of service entails our caregiver arriving at a patient's house at an agreed time helping them out with everyday duties or keeping them company. This form of service can prove to be of great help not only for the patient, but also for the relatives he or she's living with, as it gives the relative more time to take care of their daily duties.


Our day care is by far the most popular type of service we offer. It's aimed at patients, who require assistance in everyday life, while their relatives are at work. With this type of service our caregiver arrives daily at a patient's house at an agreed time to act as a replacement for the patients relatives and to provide the patient with professional assistance and good company.

Round-the-clock nursing

We also provide professional, round-the-clock nursing, aimed at ill patients in greatest need. Our goal is to provide constant assistance to patients who suffer from an advanced illness or disability in order to ensure the greatest possible comfort and safety of the patient, as well as to enable a quick reaction if a health issue arises.


Weekend and vacation care services

It's very common for family members to provide daily assistance to senior or chronically ill persons. This solution can prove problematic when relatives go on a business trip or for vacation – it is in such cases that a professional caregiver’s help can prove indispensable.


Post-discharge care

Our post-discharge offer is a great solution for patients, who need assistance in post-surgical or post-illness recovery. During the recovery period a patients' physical abilities are usually diminished and exhausting activities must be avoided. Due to these circumstances, professional assistance may be required until a patient fully recovers.

Domestic help

Due to their illnesses or decreased physical abilities the elderly and chronically ill cannot always perform house duties on their own. Often the performance of basic activities can be very difficult or entirely impossible and may cause exhaustion and further injuries. Our caregivers can relieve the elderly and chronically ill from these problems by taking over a patient's house duties, which can significantly improve the comfort of living and quality of life.

Other care services

Since we are aware of the many different needs that the elderly and chronically ill may have, our offer is very flexible. We offer also other forms of care adjusted to the physical condition, health and demands of our customers, which enables us to provide services individually tailored to our customers’ needs.

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