GoldCare is a company that provides high quality care services for the elderly, chronically ill and disabled.

We are aware that the most important thing for our customers is their relatives’ welfare, which is why we adopt an individual approach towards each of our patients and we’re ready to offer them help whenever they need it.

We support independence

Our motto is „we support independence”. Thanks to us, both our patients and their families can feel more independent.

We provide top quality services. We are the first Polish company to use an innovative telecare system that can both monitor a patient’s vital functions and manage a carergiver’s work. Thanks to this we can be sure our employees are performing their tasks flawlessly and our patientrs are perfectly taken care off.

We know that interpersonal relations are the most important factor in the care services’ sector. Long time experience in this domain and our unique recruitment and training system allows us to provide top quality and to satisfy all our clients’ wishes.


It’s our priority from the start


You can always count on us


We will never fail you

Systematic Selection of Care Workers

The geriatric nurse profession requires special qualifications and predispositions as proper and diligent performance of tasks influences the health and welfare of patients.

To ensure that our employees have good competences, high ethical standards and are dedicated to their duties we cooperate with the Human Capital Assessment Foundation when dealing with selection, evaluation and training of our geriatric nurses. . During the recruitment and professional evaluation stage of potential caregivers the Foundation’s specialists (psychologists and professional diagnosticians) make an evaluation in the following areas:


Verification of qualifications.

Required: (Meeting the following criteria is essential for the Candidate to proceed further in the evaluation)

– a minimum of 50h training, the goals and contents of which correspond to the contents of the „Caregiver” section of the geriatric nurse professional training curriculum set by the Ministry of National Education;
– first aid course;
– a minimum of 80h internship in Care Services (documented by paperwork and can include voluntary work), carried out in a facility offering such services – including assistance centres, social homes, social dialogue councils, hospices etc.


– one of the following diplomas: geriatric nurse, environmental guardian, medical caregiver, disabled person’s assistant, medical assistant, nurse, social home worker;
– B category driving license.


Evaluation of psychosocial competences required for the profession of a Geriatric Nurse. During this stage a team of psychologists and diagnosticians evaluate factors, such as motivation to work as a caregiver, empathy, the ability to react properly in stressful and difficult situations, problem solving, the ability to organize and perform daily tasks, communication and conscientiousness.

We also evaluate a candidate’s physical fitness in the context of tasks that await them, such as lifting, the functionality of their hands and fingers and overall physical vitality.

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