Our day care is by far the most popular type of service we offer. It’s aimed at patients, who require assistance in everyday life, while their relatives are at work.

With this type of service our caregiver arrives daily at a patient’s house at an agreed time to act as a replacement for the patients relatives and to provide the patient with professional assistance and good company.
Who is it for?
This type of service works best in situations, where the person who normally takes care of the elderly or chronically ill has to go to work everyday and thus is in need of a professional substitute. Our qualified employee can help with everyday tasks by adjusting to the needs, capabilities and demands of any given patient. The caregiver can also take care of any hygiene and health related matters.
How does it work?
Depending on our customer's needs, our qualified caregiver shows up at the patient's house everyday or at a given time of the week and looks after the patient from the moment their relative leaves and until their return. Based on a patient's condition our caregiver helps him or her with everyday activities or can take over some of them, including housework and those related to health and hygiene. Services are provided in Warsaw and its vicinity.