It’s very common for family members to provide daily assistance to senior or chronically ill persons.

This solution can prove problematic when relatives go on a business trip or for vacation – it is in such cases that a professional caregiver’s help can prove indispensable.
Who is it for?
Weekend or vacation care services are aimed at customers, who want to go on a trip, but can't leave their elderly or ill relative unattended. This type of service is usually chosen by families, in which one of the family members doesn't work or works at home and is normally able to look after their relative and thus only in cases of trips is need of outside help.
How does it work?
All that is needed from you is to give us the date of your trip and our experienced caregiver will arrive at your doorstep, ready to take over family duties during your absence. If required, it can be a round-the-clock care service as well.. Our caregiver will not only help with everyday activities and house works, but will also make sure that the patient takes his or her medicine as prescribed and will take care of all things concerning the patient’s health, comfort and safety. We provide this service in Warsaw and its vicinity.