Since we are aware of the many different needs that the elderly and chronically ill may have, our offer is very flexible.

We offer also other forms of care adjusted to the physical condition, health and demands of our customers, which enables us to provide services individually tailored to our customers’ needs.
Who is it for?
These services are for customers, who expect a tailored approach from caregivers who take care of their elderly or chronically ill relatives, which results in, for example: a non-standard time schedule or the tasks they should perform.
How does it work?
We take into account all non-standard expectations and demands of our clients. If they fit our abilities and our company's policy, we perform the services according to our customers' instructions. We can provide round-the-clock nursing, care following unexpected situations or only for one-time occurrences. Our services include: help in daily activities, but also house chores and care related to a patient’s personal hygiene and health. We provide these services in Warsaw and its vicinity. If required, our caregiver can move into a patient's house or its vicinity, so that s/he can always be available when needed.