Due to their illnesses or decreased physical abilities the elderly and chronically ill cannot always perform house duties on their own.

Often the performance of basic activities can be very difficult or entirely impossible and may cause exhaustion and further injuries. Our caregivers can relieve the elderly and chronically ill from these problems by taking over a patient’s house duties, which can significantly improve the comfort of living and quality of life.
Who is it for?
This service is for patients, whose health condition doesn’t allow them to perform some basic house duties, or makes such performance result in exhaustion or pain. Our caregivers can assist both seniors living on their own or patients, whose family works and thus cannot constantly look after them.
How does it work?
Our qualified caregiver visits the patient at the agreed time of the day and helps out with tasks, such as house cleaning, laundry, shopping or walking the dog. Thanks to our help, all house duties are taken care off, which significantly improves a patient’s comfort of living. Domestic help is available in Warsaw and its vicinity.