We also provide professional, round-the-clock nursing, aimed at ill patients in greatest need.

Our goal is to provide constant assistance to patients who suffer from an advanced illness or disability in order to ensure the greatest possible comfort and safety of the patient, as well as to enable a quick reaction if a health issue arises.
Who is it for?
This type of service is commonly provided to patients, whose family can't look after them on a daily basis. It is also often chosen for patients, who are in need of constant, professional assistance as they suffer from a chronical illness or are disabled.. This type of assistance is indispensable in cases of serious or advanced illness.
How does it work?
Usually the caregiver moves into a patient's house or into its vicinity, so that he or she is always available when needed. S/he helps the patients in all daily activities, such as taking care of his personal hygiene, health and comfort. S/he also performs house works. With this type of service a patient is under constant supervision of the caregiver, which enables quick reactions in case of any problems. Round-the-clock nursing is available in Warsaw and its vicinity.