We offer hourly services, aimed at elderly or chronically ill patients, who do not require constant assistance.

This type of service entails our caregiver arriving at a patient’s house at an agreed time helping them out with everyday duties or keeping them company. This form of service can prove to be of great help not only for the patient, but also for the relatives he or she’s living with, as it gives the relative more time to take care of their daily duties.
Who is it for?
This service meets the demands of the elderly and chronically ill living on their own, who are able to perform their everyday activities, although they may sometimes require assistance or feel better when being kept company. It is also a great choice in situations where the relative, who normally takes care of the patient, has to leave for a few hours.
How does it work?
All that is required is your address and the amount of time assistance is needed and our highly qualified caregiver ill will arrive at your doorstep to perform all requested tasks. Our employees can do house works, walk your dog, make sure the patient takes his or her medicine as prescribed and perform all needed tasks concerning the comfort and safety of the patient. We operate in Warsaw and its vicinity.